GSA3i - AMP/DSP Unit

$ 4,500.00

The GSA3i integrated Amp/DSP is among the most advanced audio amplifiers on the market.

The DSP Processing Module is a primary component to the GS3a, 3b and 4a systems delivering the end user a high degree of room frequency compensation through its front end.

The Guzauski-Swist “GS DSP” software application gives the computer user an option to control the unit from a remote CPU. The software application is designed to easily control and monitor the Guzauski-Swist GSA3i DSP control module, allowing the user to get the whole picture on one screen. Programs can be recalled and stored to and from your CPU's hard drive, thus expanding the storage to become virtually limitless. The Guzauski-Swist “GS DSP” comes with a wide array of presets configured for precise integration into the acoustical environment in which it is installed.

The amp consists of audiophile quality DSP and 3 high power amplifier channels featuring low distortions and high dynamic range. The amplifiers meet the demands of the most discriminating applications by bridging recording studio audio quality to pro-audio and Home Theater installations. A unique, flexible configuration paired with a comprehensive set of DSP features allows these amplifiers to be a part of even the most sophisticated and complex loudspeaker setups. Despite very high power output, the amplifiers operate both very cool and acoustically quiet, meaning they can be used in the quietest recording studios and living rooms as well as in large scale projects.

GSA3i Amp/DSP units come bundled with both Windows® and Mac® based software, with optional IOS® app.

Technical Specifications

• 3700 Watts of Class D amplification in a separate rack chassis
• Digital processor contains the very best AD/DA converters and analog components available today
• Integrated DSP with user-definable room compensation equalization and delay
• AES Digital and analog inputs

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